Martin DaviesInterview with Reader Emeritus Martin Davies (University of Leicester)

Martin Davies explains why we are imprisoned by history, and why historians are complicit in the dominant social and economic interests and work to legitimise or reproduce ‘the way things are’ click here

marnie-hughes-warrington-boxHistory as Wonder with Prof Marnie Hughes-Warrington

Marnie Hughes-Warrington discusses her recent book Revisionist Histories (Routledge 2013) and her new research project on History as wonder. She also explores the role that ethics has in the work of historians.


Keith JenkinsInterview with Professor of Historical Theory Keith Jenkins (University of Chichester)

Keith Jenkins argues for the irrelevance of academic history today and why we should in effect ‘let history go’. He also talks about the influence that Nietzsche had on his work – click here


PeterInterview with Dr Peter Icke about his book, Frank Ankersmit’s Lost Historical Cause (University of Chichester)

Peter argues for history as a literary construct and talks about his latest book Frank Ankersmit’s Lost Historical Cause: A Journey from Language to Experience (Routledge 2012) which offers a critique of Ankersmit’s concept of presence and sublime historical experience.


HelenaInterview with Dr Helena Hammond discusses ‘Dance as Historical Discourse’ (University of Roehampton)

Helena Hammond argues for collapsing the divide between conventional history (history in the academy, in museums and other heritage institutions) and more performative historical representations. She presents a case for performance as a possible research practice and for histories that may be danced rather than written.


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